Overall Description

Many students return to this essay writing company term after term, which speaks volumes about the quality of their work and their work ethic. This company is able to produce high quality essays at a very reasonable price, and they do it with a level of consistency that makes them very trustworthy. They are able to offer fair prices for work that will get you the grade you deserve, and if you have a short deadline they can produce work very quickly whilst still maintaining their quality levels. They allow you to gain a no-obligation quote and all correspondence is private. They have a no-quibble amendment policy because they know that their work is top notch and will rarely need amending. The writers have industry experience too, which is great for giving students an edge with their essays over their student peers.

Writing Quality

With this company, you can relax in the knowledge that they are going to do a good job. They are very good when it comes to getting a higher grade. They offer a good service for a fair price and have gained a very good student following because of it.


They deliver your essay through a secure network. The work and communication is passed via a secure server, and since your email is secure it means your private and confidential data is safe. It means they do not leave holes for others to find out that you used the service.


A platinum quality page is the highest quality level you can buy and with a ten-day deadline, it will cost you $23.99 per page of essay work. If you want the piece sooner, then it may cost as much as $52.99 per page with a three-hour deadline.

Customer Support

Their customer support staff offer a swift resolution to any problem you may have. They have two toll-free phone numbers you can call if you live in the USA, and they have a live chat function. The staff are efficient and clearly well trained as they seem to know the answer to most problems instantly instead of leaving you on hold as some essay writing companies do.

Site Usage

Using this site couldn’t be easier. You click the order button or the prices button. You can then figure out the price of your project using the tool on the screen. Choose your number of pages, your quality level, your deadline and a few other features and get a price for your project. If you like the price, then make your order and the piece is sent as per your deadline.