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a-writer review

Overall Description

This is a very dependable essay writing service that has a good online reputation because it doesn’t let students down. They do as they promise, they do it on budget and they do it by their deadline. Their prices are pretty good and there are no hidden charges. You can also rest easy in the fact that they do not resell your essays and all correspondence is private. They will format your essay as you request, and they do not use templates or spinning software. Your essay will be custom written by a qualified and experienced writer that will take on your project.

Writing Quality

This company is so good that they offer amendments for free. They offer them for free because they rarely have to do them. They are consistent with the quality of their work. They are also very good at keeping to their deadlines and do not let students down.


Your essay is going to come as per your deadline and it will be delivered via email if you wish it. All emails and all communication is private and confidential. The essay is sent over a secure network and since you have to submit your work via the Internet in most colleges anyway, it seems to make sense that the essay is delivered via email.


Get yourself a single page at the standard quality find out just $19.99 per page. That is a pretty reasonable price when you consider the weight of the talent that goes into creating the page. The price will change as you toggle the deadline and quality standards.

Customer Support

On the customer support page there is a feedback form you can fill out to ask a question and this will allow someone to get back to you. Or, you can use the phone number at the top of the screen. There is also a live chat function. All three methods help you get in touch with the professionals behind the scenes that can answer your questions.

Site Usage

It is easy as pie to use this site. They have a video on the homepage to show you what you need to do, but in simple term you have to click the prices page, use the tool to find the price that suits you, click the order button and fill out your details. Give them as much information on your project as possible so it is easier for the writer. If you have a question then you can ask it on the prices page.

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  1. Terrance

    I’ve used many other writing services in the past, but yours is by far the best. I received my paper right on time, the quality was outstanding, and the rates were quite affordable too. Thanks for such great service.

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