According to the reviews, you should avoid They don’t offer legit, proper or well-written paper and if you don’t know how to use it, you may stay without the demanded article. The first service they offer is academic writing papers, with directly connecting with the writer who will write for you. That should be a good resolution, what do you think?

Like they know how annoying that can be if we decide to believe in them, they don’t have testimonials on this front page. That deprives you to check the others’ experiences on this site and look a little cold. If you had that impression from the first glance, be sure that it will continue as long you stay on the site. They actually offer non-supporting on their service. You simply bid for papers and nothing more.

Together with their unusual system of pricing, they don’t have any special discount code, because you actually talk with the writer about the price. The low prices can attract the customer, but here that is up in much higher level. You actually place a bid and then wait for the writers to compete for your job.

Your bid is only which is important in connection with the writers so that effects on the quality of the paper. I got a paper with so much grammar mistakes, that I needed to change literally everything. That’s not the end of my problems. When I asked from the writer to change it, he sent me back the first version of the paper, not even looked or revised. Should I believe them that I can have “my writer” on this service?

I couldn’t ask anyone how to resolve the problem because they don’t have proper support service! They actually claim that the most important goal of this site is good communication between the writer and the client, and as least is possible including the third party in that communication. That results with the poor papers and slow delivery, which you have nobody to complain about. That poor and full of the grammar and even typo mistakes paper is questionable in term of usability. After I concluded that nobody will help me with this, I wanted to throw it away and write a new one on my own.

As many reviews say, they don’t offer a wide range of the services, because they focused on academic writing. That’s fine as long they offer good paper works, but we can’t be convinced in that scenario, can we? It seems that they will change the policy and the plans in the future and offer many other things, but for now, they are just for the one type of the papers.

Looking for the price on this site shows the real world of the expecting to bid for papers. You can contact with the writer and get the price in two ways. First of them is to put a job and the price and wait for the first free writer, which is an expensive solution or put a job and the lower price and wait for the writers to compete for you. This will get you a lower price but the possibly low quality of the paperwork.

It’s really disappointing that they haven’t any of the usual free features, like plagiarism checker or period of the free reviewing of the paper. The list of the professional writers is long, but you still can’t be sure who is a good one and who is not, as there are no scores on the site which will show that. Like you buy a pig in a poke and I can say that my paperwork was just like that.