It’s interesting how reviews can kill a good idea for the new site and service and surely force us to skip the legit of the papers they provide to the customers. On the other side, the site Essay Tigers looks pretty much professional and some customers, according to the testimonials on the site, were satisfied with some of the features they gave them. The new user, as I was, have to be very smart and discerning if he chooses to try this service for his paperwork.

As you are a beginner, you can use discount code with 5% from the price and after the first 1000 orders, you’ll get another 10% as a gift. But, that’s not all, some people say that you can get a very favorable price if you check their Facebook page. But shush! Don’t spread that! If you don’t find it, don’t worry, their low prices will be very attractive even for the most suspicious user.

When we mention the price, we must say something about the quality. I wasn’t thrilled with that, even I choose very simple and short paperwork, for the writer on the high school level. There were so many grammar mistakes and obvious mistakes in researching, that I forgot to check the plagiarism percent at first. When I finally checked it I was disappointed. Even 12% of the paper was plagiarized! That doesn’t promise good future cooperation, does it? Finally, the language and the vocabulary were so simple and poor; I think that’s work of some non-native writer or teenager who imagined that he is an essay tiger.

The site offers very annoying and visible support, with the banner that drops in front of your eyes the whole time. They actually were great at first and I believed that we can connect and resolve the problem with the paper I got. But, after a while, they turned into cold and unpleasant persons, who only want from you to leave them alone. Even they offer money refund, I never got it, because if the delivery is on time and paper proper written, I don’t have right to complain. They didn’t consider the usability of that paper and my possible problems with that!

Being truly essay tigers, they bit a really big bite. They offer to write admission essays, graduate school admission essays, for a little older customers a college essay writing, but besides that report writing, term papers, MBA papers and any type of thesis and dissertation. This wide range of services is just a beginning which will end with the custom Ph.D. dissertations. They will not afraid of any tasks which can include strong and much-demanded topics and details.

You may not expect something like this, but the price per page is very suspiciously. Starting from the $9.97 for a page written by the undergraduate (who offers something like that?) for two weeks, the price can go over a couple of thousand dollars, but for the paperwork written for a couple of hours. Can you believe that they offer paperwork on 25 pages for three hours? Yes, we know that’s not real, but they really need to change the software on the site for that!

The only from the whole list of the possible free features you’ll get on this site is a possibility of ordering a paper without paying, just to see if they can handle it and to give you a price. Is actually OK to charge somebody for that?

After all, their professional writers are not really professional, as I found. They need to work on that more, but after all, with the low prices and very readable and catchy site, they will have a lot of customers.