grademiners review

Even the many reviews which you can read about the site Grademiners were correct and acceptable; the impressions about this site are not quite well. People come on this site expecting the proper and legit, readable paper, delivered on time, as in every other paper site, but this service can ruin your expectations.

The site is full of the testimonials of the readers, which are all great, but that can look a little too good to be true. As the matter of fact, many customers can feel overcrowded with all those great things about the site, which they would forget why he came there at first place. This effort seems a little unnatural, isn’t it?

The traveling with the starts with the discount, which promises good experience. But, after you use it, that 15% of the price will go on something which they call “personal balance”, so you would be able to use it on the second paper you might order. When the money isn’t in your pocket, is that actually discount or not?

After the first experience with Grademiners, the conclusion is that the low prices follow the low quality. The paper I get wasn’t so well and surely not for the people who tend to get good grades with their papers. They are not really Grade miners, aren’t they? There were many grammar mistakes, so many falls and misunderstanding of the topic I gave and the paper had 12% of plagiarism. After I sent them back my paperwork, the writer sent me almost the same version.

It seems that the support functioning great, with the flying and annoying banner all over the site, but the real supporting and help them are not actually functional during the whole time. Even I complained about the quality of the work, they didn’t resolve my problem. I said that delivery was late for a whole day with the grammar mistakes, but they said that I still don’t have a problem which is for money refund.

The question is the usability of the wide range of the services they offer because many of them are just repeating the typical types of the papers which people can ask. You can find something like “dissertation” and “dissertation theses” and so on, which are practically the same thing. In accordance with the long list of the services is not a price, because it turns too high after the complete order. Price per page looks low, but the whole paper finishes with the much higher number. Their excuse of the high prices is discounts for the long cooperation and mentioned “personal balance”, which is not so useful.

Free features include useless and too complicated free period of revising the page, which is two weeks. The problem is that they didn’t revise my paper after this period and back to me every time practically the same version, so I needed to pay for somebody else help. On the whole, site, which is bunched with the fluff and too shiny materials you can’t find the information about the problems with the paper and how to resolve it. Support, as I said, also couldn’t help me, finding that I overreacting.

They claim that they work only with the professional writers who know how to write good paperwork and resolve any problem. It seems that some of them (or maybe all of them) are not native English writers and actually don’t know the vocabulary and grammar of US English. Many of things in my paper were wrong, including the big mistakes about the topic which I had and which are unacceptable. Is that actually a writer? After all, the site is good, but don’t expect too much from them.